Bumper Stickers for Marketing Success

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In today’s highly competitive business environment, setting your brand apart from that of your competitors is the way to ensure success. Building your brand means promoting your business in such a way that your brand becomes familiar and has positive associations for people. There are a lot of ways to build your brand – but most entail keeping your business in the public eye. One great way to accomplish this is by printing customised bumper stickers.

Branding through Reinforcement

It takes a fair amount of repetition for your brand image to sink into your client’s psyche. Your campaign needs to revolve around making your brand more visible. Every time your client sees your brand, you have an opportunity to reinforce it positively.

Effectively marketing your product or business requires repetition. Potential customers need to see something several times before it "sinks in". A business must create a campaign that improves the visibility of your service and product. Every time you put your business or product before the public you have the opportunity to sell yourself.

Computer marketing is not necessarily the most effective – most internet security programmes can easily block pop-up ads and people tend to ignore most other ads. Internet advertising may also not be as targeted as you need it to be – these ads gets hits from all over the world. Internet marketing is important but should never be the only form you rely on.

Having custom bumper stickers printed is quite an effective marketing tool – it’s cost-effective, quick and relatively simple. The stickers stay in place on the cars for a good while and, because cars or on the move a lot, you’ll get good marketing mileage out of them. It is important that your stickers are designed to match up with any other marketing material to reinforce your brand image.

Sticker Design

When determining what design to use, the company’s logo and colours are merely the starting point. More important is to first decide what the stickers will be used for. Will they be mailed out, handed out, etc. Not only do you want people to have your sticker, you want them to be used. If stickers are being handed out, ideally people should want to take some home for friends and family.

Generally speaking, car bumper stickers may end up on a number of different places other than cars – lunchboxes, desks, etc. The popularity of the sticker will depend on its design – consider your target market when designing a sticker. Design something that appeals to your target market to achieve success. For example, a very funny pun on the sticker or a really awesome design will ensure that people will want to share it with others.

With the advanced printing Brisbane that is available today, you will be able to have even the most intricate design printed out. Make sure, however, that your branding is clearly visible on the sticker in order to get the most value out of the stickers.



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