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When it comes to marketing, nothing quite beats the printed page for impact. Although there is definitely a trend towards advertising online, no marketing campaign can be run solely over the internet. Point of sale hand-outs and pamphlets are still a great way to advertise a business. There are several other paper-based marketing materials that are also available. 

The Importance of Paper-Based Marketing Tools

Everything from your business cards, client gifts of calendars, amongst others, make a statement about your business brand. That is why it is imperative to use a professional
printing Brisbane company. Going the cheap and nasty route will create a less than favourable impression on potential clients. TJ's Eprint makes use of high quality supplies and technical expertise to create the best available product. 

The advantage of paper-based communication is that people can easily keep the details on hand. Let’s face it, people don’t want to do more work than they really have to – if they can pick up a piece of paper with your contact details on it, they will prefer that to having to look up your details on the internet. 

Business Cards

Business cards are an integral part of your marketing programme. Nothing says 'amateur' at a networking event more than not having any business cards to exchange with your peers. You need to leave your
business card printing to an expert. TJ's Eprint will help you to design and print the perfect business cards so that you can create a really professional impression. 

Larger Formats

You don’t need to stick to the same old boring posters to advertise anymore – you can look to canvas printing, laminated pictures, banners, etc. Let TJ's Eprint advise you on whether or not your marketing material would translate well into one of the larger formats. 

It is important to set out a proper marketing plan and follow it properly. Make sure that the plans both on and offline complement one another. This is imperative if you want to create a strong brand identity. Remember that your clients are likely to visit your website as well and different marketing campaigns on both will cause confusion. 

It is also important to set some goals when it comes to your marketing campaign. You need to review whether or not the different campaigns that you have run are successful. A good way to check the effectiveness of a marketing campaign is to advertise some sort of special offer. Make it contingent on a specific code and then assign various codes to different means of advertising. 

When the special offers are taken up, you will be able to assign the codes to the right marketing campaign and you will discover which campaign was the most effective. An effective marketing campaign takes some effort to set up but it will be well worth it in the end. Contact TJ's ePrint and receive expert advice regarding your advertising needs.



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