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Even though we are moving more towards a digital society, business cards are still a very important business tool. Whilst we are able to swap details using our smart phones, most people still like to rely on business cards.

Business cards are about more than just conveying your contact details. The design and quality of your business cards speak volumes about your business. Your business cards are an extension of your brand and can be used to differentiate your business from that of your competitors.

A Good Business Card

A good business card needs to convey a lot of information in a clear and efficient manner but must, at the same time, be a great representative of your brand. A good design will not only look unique and stand out from all the others but it will also look professional and polished. Space is also important on the card – people may want to make notes on it. 

Considering all of this, and the relatively small size of the card, it is no small task to create a great business card. Fortunately, card printing technology has come a long way.

Getting it Right

There are plenty of programs that allow you to create your own design and assist you in printing your own cards. For a really professional finish, however, having a professional printing Brisbane company is the way to go. Having cards professionally printed is really not that much more expensive than doing it yourself and you get the benefit of professional advice in respect of layout and design.

Why it is Important

Your business card is a lasting reminder of your business and can create just as much of an impression as your overall appearance. Many times, a new contact will only have your business card as a reminder of you – this is especially true of networking events. 

People may make snap judgements based on the business card you present. If yours looks as though it was printed hastily or on the cheap, they may think that you are not serious about your business. They are more likely than not to toss aside any cards that strike them as unprofessional.

Review your Design

It is a good investment to have a professional assist you in the design and layout of your card. You will often find that you can have the cards designed and printed by the same company. You will need to discuss the branding issues and your expectations with them.

You do need to ensure that your business card fits in with your overall branding – do this by tying in your brand colours and brand logo. All your stationary should tie in together and this starts with the design of your business cards.

Take the time and make the effort to present a professional business card and you will reap the rewards later. Click here for further information.



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